Jovial Crew Band Gig List 
Bookings for 2007
6th Jan Bromsgrove, Avoncroft 1/2 Day of Dance
19th Jan Rugeley New Year Dinner
27th Jan Sytchampton FDC, Worcestershire
2/4th Marc Symmonds Yatt, Lichfield FDC
31st March Walsall FDC
13th Oct Easher, Phoenix FDC
Bookings for 2006
2nd Jan Solihull, Friendly Folk FDC New Yeare Dance
20th Jan Rugeley FDC New Year Dinner
28th Jan Sytchampton FDC, Worcestershire
18th Feb Northampton FDC
25th March Croft, Bromsgrove
1st April Stonesfield FDC, Oxfordshire
7/9th April Axbridge, Somerset, Kingston Upon Thames District Folk Assn
29th April Chetton FDC, Staffordshire
20th May Croft, Bromsgrove
24th June Esher, Claygate FDC
1st July Birmingham, Weoley Hill FDC
7th Oct Malvern FDC afternoon dance
10/12 Nov Bournmouth, Shoreham FDC
18th Nov West Molesey, Surrey, Ashford FDC
25th Nov Stonesfield, Oxfordshire
Bookings for 2005
14th Jan Rugley FDC
22nd Jan Croft Dance
29th Jan Milverton FDC
5th March Lichfield FDC w/end, Ray Taylor
19th March Sytchampton FDC
11th June Stonesfield FDC w/end, John Turner
1st Oct Malvern FDC afternoon dance
25th Nov Croft, Bromsgrove
31st Dec Croft Dance
Bookings to date for 2004
31st Jan Sytchampton FDC, Mike Whiting
7th Feb Stafford FDC, Rhodri Davies
(NB. 6/13/27 March - private party)
3rd April Stonesfield FDC, Mic Spencely
(NB. 17/22 April - private party)
24th April Croft Dance
(NB. 8 May - private party)
15th May Willand FDC, John Meechan
(NB. 26 June - private party)
3rd July Weoley Hill FDC, Barrie Bullimore
(NB. 10 July - private party)
17th July Croft Dance
(NB. 24 July, 4/11 Sept - private party)
25th Sept N.Oxford FDC, John Turner
(NB. 2 Oct - private party)
15th Oct Halwsay Manor, N.London Clubs w/end
(NB. 2/23/30 Oct, 20 Nov - private party)
Bookings for 2003
1st Oct Avoncroft Playford Ball, Jan Dale
25th Jan Milverton Folk Dance Group
6,7,8th June Stonesfield Folk Dance Group with John Harris & John Turner
13th Sept Worksop Folk Dance Group & John Chapman
27th Sept Sytchampton & Mike Whiting
Bookings for 2002
11th Jan Coventry Folk Dance Group & Bill Kinsman
19th Jan Croft Dance & Ray Cope
16th Feb Croft Dance with Dick & Laura Hodges
12-14 April Shoreham Folk Dance Group weekend & Peter Moxom
13th Aug Worksop Folk Dance Group & John Chapman
17-24 Aug Whitby Folk Festival
14th Sept Croft Dance & Val Rees
28th Sept Sytchampton Folk Dance Group & John Chapman
12th Oct Bromsgrove Dance Festival
Bookings for 2001
24th March Croft, Bromsgrove - Folk Dance(caller Moose Cope)
31st March Sytchampton - Folk Dance (caller Joe Hodgson)
27th May Folk Dance (caller Joe Hodgson) Stonesfield, Oxfordshire
7th July Folk Dance (caller Joe Hodgson) Willand, Somerset
22nd September Workshop Folk Dance Group with Barrie Bullimore
27th October Avoncroft Playford Ball (caller Ken Sheffield)
31st December Croft New Year's Eve Dance
Jovial Crew has played at the following venues
Box, Northampton, Quorn, Shoreham, Guildford, Sytchampton, Avoncroft, Goytre, Stonesfield, Willand