Jovial Crew Band Members 
The Jovial Crew Band consists of Brian McMinn and two others. We adjust the line-up and style of music to suit the event. Usually it's Brian, Meg & Rosie as shown in the photographs, but others who have joined us for an event include:-

Judith Cooper (fiddle)
Mike Smith (fiddle)
Richard Coleman (fiddle)
Mike Green (mandolin/guitar)
Tim Fallowell (guitar)
Thomas Bending (banjo/recorder)
Andy Richards (guitar/mandolin)

All are top rate musicians who have played in National Folk Bands and at many Festivals, including Sidmouth.  

The 'Standard' Jovial Crew Line-up
Brian McMinn has been a dance musician for many years now and has toured abroad with several dance display teams. A regular musician at Midland Dance clubs, he has played nationally with various bands as well as with Jovial Crew.

Has played at Sidmouth Festival and Halsway Manor.

Rosie McMinn plays a Yamaha Wind Synthesiser providing us with flute, recorder, clarinet, trumpet, saxophones etc. (much easier than bringing a wind band!) and has also been known to rattle a washboard on occasion.

An experienced musician who has played in various bands with Brian for over ten years. Recently guested with Alterations for a Playford Ball.

Meg Winters is well known to dancers all over the country. She has been providing rhythm for many top bands over the years and it is Jovial Crew's good fortune that she lives locally and is able to come out with us on a regular basis.